Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is membership needed?

A. Perry Paw Dog Park (Perry Paw) is a membership only dog park where dues will be paid to an all volunteer operation. Annual membership for new members cost $30 per household for up to two dogs. Renewals for 2023 for up to 2 dogs will be $25 and $30 for 3 dogs if application is submitted by February 28, 2023.   Membership dues are similar to other county recreational activities needed to limit access to those who have agreed to abide to the rules and secure funds needed to run and maintain the dog park. All dogs will require license and rabies certification to help ensure the safety and health of all dogs and handlers.

Q. When is the dog park open?

A. The park will be open sunrise to sunset.  The dog park is subject to temporary closing for major events being held at the Honeygo Run Regional Park.  Every effort will be made to post these closings on the Facebook page and the website.

Q.  Can I get a second Pass Card?

A.   No.  One pass card will be provided for each household membership.

Q. I lost my tag and/or access card. What do I do?

A. Go to to request a new access card. The access cards and dog identification tags are property of Perry Paw Dog Park and must be returned if membership is terminated.

Q.  How do I join Perry Paw Dog Park?

A.  Go to for documents and a link to sign up.   You must provide a copy of the animal license and current rabies vaccination for each registered dog.

Q.  Why are there two sections at the park?

A.  The two sections are provided to provide a safe environment for all types of dogs.  The small dog section is for dogs less than 35 pounds.  Larger dogs that are elderly and docile are also permitted in the small dog section.   The large dog section is open to all dogs at the owner’s risk.  NOTE:  If one section of the park is deemed unusable for a time, the remaining side will become an all-inclusive area.  Please be extra aware and courteous to every one else during this time.

Q. I do not live in Maryland. Can I join Perry Paw?

A. Out of state applicants must include copies of rabies vaccinations and licensing paperwork from the jurisdiction in which they reside along with their membership application.

Q. Can someone other than me bring my dogs to Perry Paw?

A. Anyone entering Perry Paw must be a part of the household of a registered member and any dogs brought into Perry Paw must also be registered by their owners. One person may only bring three dogs into Perry Paw at a time.

Q. Will I be sent a notice to renew my membership?

A. Perry Paw is a volunteer run organization and does not have the resources to notify members of their need to renew their membership annually. All Memberships run January 1st to December 31st of any given membership year.

Q. What if I own three or more dogs?

A.  A third dog may be registered for an additional $10. Total fee would be: $40 for all members submitting their application after February 28, 2023. Only one additional dog per household may be added. One person may only bring three dogs into Perry Paw at a time.

Q. Can I bring my children into Perry Paw?

A. For safety reasons, no one under 12 years old can be brought into Perry Paw.  An adult must accompany all children between the ages of 12 to 16.  Violation of the rule will result in termination of membership


Q. What do I do if approached by a board volunteer?

A. At times board volunteers will do spot checks, requesting tags to verify only members have access to the dog park. If a volunteer approaches you, please provide them with your Perry Paw tag number and name.

Q. Does Perry Paw pro-rate or offer discounts on memberships?

A. No. Perry Paw memberships are valid January 1st – December 31st of any given membership year.

Q. Why does maintenance occur within Perry Paw without prior notification to the membership?

A. Numerous public, private and volunteer entities provide maintenance within Perry Paw. Due to scheduling irregularities of staffing, equipment utilization, weather and ground conditions, it is impossible to provide a specific time or time window. Therefore, to keep Perry Paw accessible to members as much as possible, the committee has chosen not to close Perry Paw for extended time periods with the understanding that maintenance might only occur within a small window of the extended closure. The maintenance performed provides aesthetic, sustainability and safety improvements for all members of Perry Paw.

If you have additional questions that are not explained in this fact sheet, please feel free to contact